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2011-05-16 08:44:59 by PurpleFridge

I never update Newgrounds. Man, it's been almost a year now.
Lemme see... uhh.
Well, got a fucking epic graphics tablet; the Wacom Intuos4 Large.
Also, got a mic/headset. A very good one, at that.
Jay's moving to Canberra BUT he will get constant ADSL2+ internet and a new headset and computer and basically everything.
So... Kai and Jay really could take off soon.
We've got tons of scripts written up, and I can start animating whenever. Voice acting won't be much of a problem now, so...
Let's just wait and see.

Hell. Yes.

2010-06-01 01:02:39 by PurpleFridge

Something epic has happened. Kai and Jay Ware: Clicked (A major, major project lost in early 2009) Had been fully recovered, thanks to SoThink's SWF to FLA decompilation software. So, in other words, we're awesome.

Hell. Yes.


2009-08-07 10:49:44 by PurpleFridge

I haven't been on Newgrounds in ages! So I decided to make a post.

Anyway, news about my flash projects.

Kai and Jay ware clicked has been my major project for a year. It should've been done ages ago, but someone stole my USB with the .fla on it. I only have the .swf left, and it's incomplete. I need a decent, free .swf decompiler that supports CS3 and AS2. Anyone know where I can get one?

For my digital media class, I had to do an assignment on animation. It's a mixed-media flash... a video with a character animated onto the top. Mine's already done 3 weeks ahead of schedule - but I'm not going to submit it to Newgrounds until I get graded for it.

I have an idea... join the official Kai and Jay fan club on Facebook!
Look in the links section for a new quiz to find out which character you're most like.

In other news... I've made a new design for Jay. God knows if we're actually going to use it, but it's a lot better than the old one, and it shows much more character and reflects Jay's personality much more. 'Tis down dere. |
| Well, see ya 'till the next post.
V ~ Purplefridge



2009-02-20 03:05:53 by PurpleFridge

Me and Jay made a facebook group for the adventures of Kai & Jay. I like my tablet. This post sucks.


2009-01-23 20:38:50 by PurpleFridge

I managed to finally submit the V Bottles songs to the audio portal. PLEASE, RATE AND REVIEW!! ^_^

Good news... Bad news

2009-01-13 23:57:24 by PurpleFridge

The bad news: Kai & Jay Ware clicked is a nightmare, it's gonna be delayed as hell. SORRY!
The good news: Cans aren't enough is on the audio paortal at last! Gee, it took like a month but oh well, it's on. Please rate and review! There's still 4 V Bottles songs to go, stay tuned! ~<3

The V Bottles

2008-12-17 10:16:12 by PurpleFridge

Me and Tim formed a band, called the V Bottles, and we have just successfully completed our first album, called Cans Aren't Enough. Basically, we make upbeat techno/disco music, but with a lil bit of extra flava: Blowing into V Bottles! I then synthesised these, and yeah. It's pretty damn good, and it's all instrumental... cos who's want to listen to me and Tim singing? Haha. I am releasing 5 tracks on Newgrounds, I will submit them all as soon as I can. They are: Cans Aren't Enough, Shellshocked, Here We Go Again, Game Over and Just Warming Up. VOET AWL YOR FIEVEN! ^_^

Flashez... n stuff

2008-12-09 18:58:19 by PurpleFridge

I'm halfway through Kai & Jay Ware Clicked!! YAY!! God, it's huge D: 56 levels, I'm just finishing 27. Anyway, I'm getting a graphics tablet, Sonic Unleashed and hopefully a new graphics card. YAY. My computer lags on complex games... I think I should get an NVidia 9800GT. Reece (Polutedfuse) reckons I should too. Anyway, Jay (Deletedchemical) should be moving to the Sunshine Coast, and hopefully he'd be able to visit me, so we can write some scripts and make some voice clips... FOR THE FIRST OFFICIAL EPISODE OF KAI AND JAY!! It's gonna be epic. BTW, K&JWK should be released around late December/early January. Hopefully.
Over and out,
~ Kai

PS: Here's a (Resized) screenshot of the 24th level.

Flashez... n stuff

The purple cave of purply purpleness.

2008-12-01 05:53:14 by PurpleFridge

Once upon a time, there was a purple universe.
Inside this purple universe, there was a purple cluster of galaxies.
Inside this purple cluster of galaxies, there was a purple galaxy.
Inside this purple galaxy, there was a purple solar system.
Inside this purple solar system, there was a purple planet.
Inside this purple planet, there was a purple continent.
Inside this purple continent, there was a purple country.
Inside this purple country, there was a purple state.
Inside this purple state, there was a purple city.
Inside this purple city, there was a purple street.
Inside this purple street, there was a purple house.
Inside this purple house, there was a purple room.
Inside this purple room, there was a purple cupboard.
Inside this purple cupboard, there was a purple box.
Inside this purple box, there was a purple microscopic world.
Inside this purple microscopic world, there was a purple cave.
Inside this purple cave, there was a purple maze.
Inside this purple maze, there was a purple chest.
Inside this purple chest, there was a purple treasure.
Nobody knows what this purple treasure is though, as nobody has been there before.

~{Purplefridge strikes again}~

The purple cave of purply purpleness.

Work of art!

2008-11-13 04:52:28 by PurpleFridge

I made the V logo out of cans! FUN FACT: I used a total of 510 cans and it took 3 hours to put together!
Sorry about the watermark... I didn't want people to steal it. But yeah. Hope you like it!

Work of art!